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CWA Retired Members Council 

A wonderful opportunity awaits you in the CWA Retired Members' Council (RMC). 

As a member of the RMC, you will be kept informed about the activities of the Council and the Union through the CWA News and the quarterly newsletter Journeys written specifically for you. (To see recent issues of Journeys, visit the CWA Secretary-Treasurer's web site at, and click on Special Programs.)

You will also be eligible to attend the Council's Annual Meeting which is held in conjunction with the CWA Convention. At the Convention you will be seated in the specially-designated section for retired members. And, through the Council's Executive Board, you will have a voice and a vote on the floor of the Convention.

Chris Shelton

Sara Steffens


Joe Kincade
District 2-13 RMC President
We now have Chapters in most locations across the state. You can obtain membership by contacting the Chapter President in your area.

The Presidents are listed below:

RMC 13000 Pittsburgh- Jack Caldwell 412-922-4359
RMC 13017 Philly South- Joe Kincade 610-716-0261
RMC 13019 Philly North- Jim Sturges 215-850-9249
RMC 13020 Accounting- Jackie Kester 610-284-0161
RMC 13021 Philly Suburbs- Ray Bunting 610-461-1197
RMC 13022 Philly Suburbs- vacant
RMC 13023 Philly Suburb West- Marie MacCrory 610-389-8424
RMC 13025 Philly Suburb North- Jack Santry 215-441-8885
RMC 13031 Altoona- John Lloyd 814-942-4273
RMC 13032 Harrisburg- Liz Denn 717-732-4494
RMC 13033 Allentown- Tom Miller 610-285-2066
RMC 13035 Wilkes-Barre- Audrey Yakimowicz 570-823-7054
RMC 13044 Pitt. North Side- David Evans 412-367-7443
RMC 13054 New Castle- Jerry Markowitz 724-658-4463
RMC 13056 DuBois- Bob Boland 814-371-6161
RMC 13057 Greensburg- Steve Yokopenic 724-834-6487
RMC 13059 Monroeville-David Hughes 412-310-0579

With four exemptions, RMC 13000, 13017, 13019, and 13020, the last 2 digits of the RMC represents the Unit number. However, you may join any RMC in your area.

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