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Because employees deserve to be respected and treated well where they work. Every employer, from the smallest company to the largest corporation, and in state, local and county government, should treat their employees with dignity and respect, providing good pay, benefits and working conditions.

Unfortunately, many employers are so concerned with profits and the bottom line that they overlook your welfare, satisfaction, or input. That’s why thousands of working men and women like us are choosing to organize with CWA every year. When you successfully organize and get CWA representation, you get a real voice in your workplace and future:

•You get the legal right to bargain with your employer over pay, benefits, health care, employment security, retirement, and other conditions of employment.

•You get to negotiate over policies affecting promotions, job bidding, layoffs, and many other aspects of your job and workplace.

In CWA Local 13000, you will be part of one of America’s largest and most diverse unions. We work not just in the communications and information industries, but also in the news media, the airlines, broadcast and cable television, public service, higher education and health care, manufacturing, and public safety and law enforcement and more.

If you and your coworkers are interested in organizing together and fight for a strong voice on the job, CWA Local 13000 organizers will help you build majority support during your campaign. But experience shows us that for workers to create a viable union that truly represents their wishes<em>, its best they lead the campaign and organize themselves</em>. We will provide you with support and guidance after you and your co-workers take the first steps to forming your union. Give us a call or send us an email. We will discuss with you how to go about forming a union.

Joe Smolczynski


CWA Local 13000, AFL-CIO

2124 Race St 3rd Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103


Cell:     (215)-840-6951

Office:  (215) 564-6169

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